Why choose us?

UShoot VEdit is always thriving fastest to deliver you quality output in turnaround time periods. We are working to understand your style all the time, to bring the natural liveliness of the clicks you bring to us. Consistency and persistence are our key motto after timing and quality.  

We believe that your photographs are so important to you and keeping that in mind we make sure we deal with it smoothly upbringing the most of your expectations. 

Choose us because we love to serve and match your needs in every possible way with most updated versions of our software and provisions.  

How do i get started with USHOOTVEDIT?

First step, you will need to create account and register your account.

Create Account

Then, you can log in and browse different section on your dashboard. you will see Projects section under that you will see option to create new project - new project workflow walk you through "Add Project" workflow. once you complete your first project will be submitted for edit.

you will get emails and notification in dashboard to give all the details you need.

Is the plan okay with a team of photographers working in a studio?

It's just perfect for a studio with a team of photographers. Our team always assures on time delivery with quality perceived every time. A photographer is always benefitted with such a plan as it will allow him/her to take up more and more shoot plans.  

We also co-ordinate with our client may it be an individual or a photographer, so that we understand well enough to match their style.  

You're always welcome onboard. Sign up soon!  

Is there any trial period?

We have Free Trial for up to 1000 Images – also, as style match process is iterative we give 50% off for next two orders. So that we can learn your style and fine tune your custom editing process for you.  

How does a trial period work?

It’s one-month process – First 1000 Images free for editing so you can judge our expertise and then next two orders 50% off so that we fine-tune style match process.  

How long will my upload take?

It depends on your internet speed. We use the latest technology to provide storage within our platform. You can upload from your account dashboard and also for better your convenience you can send us a link to download.  

How are my files returned?

Your files are always safe with us. May it be the files you shared with us or may it be the edited ones, you will find everything safe on your personal dashboard. You can at any time download them from your account. security is one of the reason we have service for registered users only.

Where do I upload my images?

This is the easiest part of the onboarding process. Once you log in, You will see projects section. follow new project workflow there is step we have where you can upload smart preview catalog. also you will have option to add link of your dropbox or any other upload service.


How do I create my account?

You can find the Create Account button on the top right corner of every page, click on it. A new page will open with a form like structure asking for your credentials.   

Fill in the details. (PS: Noting down is always good)  

Click on the create account on the bottom. You're done.  

You will receive a confirmation mail on your mailing ID that you have used to create an account. 

How does the dashboard work?

Congratulations on creating an account with us. We are glad to have you onboard. Once you log in, you will find a user-friendly dashboard. So, let me take you through a brief idea of this dashboard.  

There is a notification section, which will give you an update on your orders and messages related to your job. Other sections give an overview of the projects ongoing and how many projects are done. Invoice section tells and gives an overlook on your bills and storage section showcases how many GB of your accounts you have used and how many GB are left.  

On the top, you will find a tab which has symbols with different requirements like support, quick access an account. Anything that drives you lost, you can always get to us. We are always there to hear from you.   

Happy ordering :)  

Where do I download the edited images?

You will be able to download from the dashboard under your account – it is very easy and self-explanatory to use our system and our CR is available to help during business hours.

How can I update my billing information?

We don't save any credit card information in our system. You need to pay individually for each project. Once the project is completed you will go through a conventional payment process that is easily done through the dashboard. 

How do I know when my order is complete?

You will get an email from our team the moment your order is complete. Then you are good to download them.  

There is a notification left in your dashboard also if you log in and check it.  

Do remember to leave a feedback. We always love to hear from you. :)  

What is the fastest time you can complete an emergency order?

It depends on the number of pictures. But typically 1000 images order can be delivered within 2 Days.  

How do I know when my order is complete?

You will get an email from our team the moment your order is complete. Then you are good to download them.   

There is a notification left in your dashboard also if you log in and check it.   

Do remember to leave a feedback. We always love to hear from you. :)   

If any queries, where do we reach to solve them?

We are always eager to hear from you. You can always reach to us via email info@ushootvedit.com or phone call +1 855 878 3266 or just leaving a message on the online portal chat. One of our representatives will get back to ASAP with a solution to your problem. 

Customer services are available 24*7. 

How will I be billed once I sign up?

You will be billed once editing is complete. You will get an email notification and you can pay within the dashboard. Once payment is complete you will be able to download your completed project.  

Can I place an emergency order?

Yes – We can deliver as fast as within 2 Days. 

How do you understand our style?

We work one on one with each client, coordinate and understand their need. Mark them as our priorities before anything else. We understand and flag your presets, the theme of the event and everything else that is important to understand your style.   

We have enough team of editors to work with each client with more than enough attention. This way, we are always able to focus on the style. Feedbacks are always welcome, otherwise. 

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